We have worked hard this weekend on the decorating for Christmas. We're not completely done - see last pic - David has the tree to do tomorrow too but we're pretty much there which is how I like it. This year we're earlier than usual :) I love coming home to see light and fun in every room. All this and Patrick came home from Leeds and Kate and Dan came over this afternoon before 4 peeps set off for dinner and a concert at the NIA in Brum. Luci and I are not cinderellas though. We're gonna make pom poms with a nifty gadget I have newly acquired, along with wine and tabbouleh. Max is happy too, dining on last night's roast pheasant leftovers. No I don't know how I've  fitted it all in - I must have had help ...

btw I've changed the colours of the blog just for fun and to celebrate this blog's first anniversary. More on resolutions and anniversaries in a couple of days. 

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