Do you have a favourite decoration for Christmas? I think our all time fave is the indian. He was one of a pair - mum had this one and I had his twin. I  bought them in Québec a stunning city we visited on a massive road trip to New England and Canada with Luci and Patrick, a few years ago now. 
He has a story. Two years on and I hadn't secured our Christmas tree in the builder's bucket properly, it fell over and my indian was smashed:) Patrick says (with a grin on his face), he remembers how I cried. My indian was salvaged because he was mostly damaged at the back so I could put him on the mantelpiece. I have since inherited all of mum's decorations including her pristine indian. This chap stands in safety where he talks to the Lowry people at the seaside and the African couple by the clock. David says Max told him it's like Night at the Museum when we've all gone to bed. 


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