Only a little time tonight but wanted to write about this dressmaking cafe which is both virtual and real. I am really impressed by the fabrics on sale - not the greatest choice but I find it quite hard to source winter weight fabrics and the on line shop has a few good ones. I had in mind a dress cum pinafore like this one courtesy of Boden but in a fabric of my choice and a better length and fit. I do like the process of a bespoke item of clothing too: choosing the fabric rather than settling for what's on the rail, the parcel delivery, the fitting which happens at school because my dressmaker works there too and the anticipation because it takes about a week to get it made. And then there's the ethics of it all  - don't get me started on retail fashion. I don't want to buy according to my profile :( well not always. I will show the finished dress on me or Luci's dressmaker's dummy. 
I am so looking forward to the weekend, getting a lot of the decorations up, having Patrick home, making biscuits and just feeling Christmassy.

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