Seasonal decorating and delight start bang on the first of December in our house. All the jars I have collected will be brought out as tea light holders perhaps beribboned or tagged or festooned with greenery. The ones in the photo are very lovely but I can achieve the look with jam jars. 
I bought some bare rooted trees and rosemary plants yesterday to decorate the front door. The crab apple and birch trees are literally twigs which will need pea lights and a skirt to hide the plastic pots but the rosemary can be displayed as found. Rosemary is just the most wonderful plant for scent and it has so many uses (including a great hair rinse). Then there's the wreath which I made with Kate's help this afternoon.  I used honeysuckle stems from my garden and baby teasels from the fields. The stem colour will look warm and pretty on the white front door. My inspiration comes from the last two photos, uploads from Home and Delicious (link is on my sidebar) a wonderful blog from Iceland featuring interiors to die for. 


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