Today has been busy but not in a good way. Three trips to see three different docs with my Luci who has suffered such a bad reaction to a course of antibiotics for an inflamed wisdom tooth. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will improve now and get some sleep tonight. I am so glad she is at home and I can support her :))
The pics are from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford where we were on Sunday. I've always loved drawings and paintings and the Dutch school has always been a favourite. Ah the seventeenth century, (I really need to see The Girl with the Pearl Earring again). I like the secular everyday scenes often featuring women in empowered poses. The tiles we call delft are beautiful too. The last two paintings move into the nineteenth century. I love pears and am sold on their symbolism: vitality and fertility - think Juliet in the Capulet orchard.  And the last, a Holman Hunt painting of a schoolgirl. What a wonderful country girl she is. 
Tomorrow then I will start thinking about resolutions  - I do have some and I like to think of them in terms of the tagline of this blog. How do I achieve more beauty, light and time? 
For now though it's health and happiness to all. Happy new year - the twenty first century becomes a teenager :) 

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