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Yes it is very cold so I'm warming myself with a photo of a roaring fire in the pub where we had lunch on Saturday. I went out for my Tuesday night swim yesterday and having a bit of run with Max out on the Sheppey is good for topping up my exercise plan as well as keeping warm. Resolution - check. Max is funny when I jog; he could outrun me so easily and when I think I'm giving it some, he's barely trotting. 
It's Kate's birthday on Sunday and we're having party food at home I think. She has other celebratory events too; Patrick won't be around but I'm sure we'll have a good evening. I have chosen some lovely presents for her which I need to wrap and one has a little sewing to add to it. I am looking for a chair like the one Philip has in the TV series Borgen which we are watching atm, as a birthday present for David. I have a pinboard on Pinterest called David's chair obviously, but they are hard to source. (I'm not a fan of Ikea.) Still I've got till April. 

Before I close thought I'd share a stationery store I love: find it here. The designs are delightful and remind me of the art galleries in San Francisco.

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