Counting the ways to make you happy (in the kitchen):

a light and bright kitchen in a Gaudi house in Barcelona 
  1. clean with natural products as far as you can: heavy duty chemicals may act fast but they are damaging at every level. I only use the BF once a month to clean my sink.
  2. come up with a strategy for cleaning the oven: making it someone else's job worked for me for many years. Range cookers don't need much cleaning because they burn off spills and once the lids are down and oven doors are closed so all you see is the shiny enamel.   
  3. start collecting old brushes and look after them - they are great for all kinds of hard to get to places and the wooden ones are nice to look at.
  4. display some kind of art work - actually lots of it - it's easy to make still life arrangements of fruit and veg but you can also have favourite objects and framed photos or prints too.
  5. de-clutter and maintain clear surfaces especially any window sills which so easily become a sweet spot of post, stuff from pockets and bags and so on.
  6. cook when you feel like it, a luxury I know, but keep cooking to a minimum unless you really want to make something special, trying out a new recipe or skill. There's not so much joy in cooking pasta and a tomato sauce.
  7. keep fresh herbs by your fruit bowl, they always cheer up something plain, like that tomato sauce.
  8. organise a dedicated spot for making drinks and keep a good stock of coffee, tea or what ever it is where you feel you are a connoisseur. Make this place lovely. 
  9. enjoy quiet time in your kitchen. I often sit by the warm ovens with a cup of coffee or mint tea. 
  10. don't allow 'busy' - prints and patterns, mixing too many colours, cooking different things at once, oh no, kitchen serenity is the way to go  - light filled, plain, simple, one dish at a time ...

past their best but great to clean the hotplate

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