I can see clearly now the rain has gone

From painterly to writerly not in the OED I know but it should be. I have been thinking about resolutions and why they divide us. I am up for targets and challenges but maybe that's because I have room to grow whilst so many of us are full to the gunwales (correct spelling? pronounced gunnels)  with work, family, friends and life changing choices. My professional life is still strong but closing - I have been teaching since 1978 - so my work/ life balance is tipping. For me then, resolutions are part of planning for a future which won't be dominated by professional work.
This month I want to continue with many of the resolutions I made last year AND HAVE KEPT. But I also want to to revisit my French heritage which should start with reading: I saw that a colleague was reading Le Blé en Herbe by Colette and felt wistful. Like so many texts, I half read this decades ago and would like to see what I think now. I am lucky to know another language as well as English and should explore where this takes me. Another resolution is simply to try something new every day, every week etc. Of course this does make one define new. I am thinking about photography, music (rediscover a youthful passion for opera), and travel (a lot of thinking and discussion about the Easter and summer holidays). Most importantly though is the family. What can I do to support each person and rehabilitate my dog? I think of these answers most often. So beauty and light are covered but time is a management issue that's pretty hard.
The views are of Bredon Hill in the distance from Fish Hill in the Cotswolds with beech groves along the way.
BTW Luci seems to be on the mend:)

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