pudding please

I have a lot of random thoughts and ideas these days which is why I love swimming lengths and walking the dog; time to think, put aside, prioritise and ditch completely. 
I don't buy cookery books any more so my collection is pretty vintage, and I remembered a thought I'd had a little while ago about the extravagant times we live in. Of course there is a counter revolution and being frugal is cool and healthier which is why I thought of an old book from the 60s called would you believe, The Pauper's Cookbook aimed at students and newly weds of the time. The recipes are classics in the French tradition (Jamie's italian recipes hadn't been conceived then) and rarely call for more than two eggs. Compare with the 90s recipe for a tarte au citron which says we should use nine. The PC is definitely worth a read for recipes anyone can follow. The third oldie is Delia's Book of Cakes - yes she did really look like that - scrimps a bit and requires quite a good skills set but on balance is the go to for anything you can't freestyle ie cakes and puddings. You can tell the chefs' book hasn't seen much kitchen action, there's not a mark on it. 

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