Started on work for school today and will go in to my office tomorrow to use the printer. We do try to tone down consumerism when we can, but perhaps we don't do nearly enough. I know I don't want to buy anything for a long time now. Christmas has me shopped out. We had a good discussion over dinner about a well known Irish retailer which we avoid but is so very popular with the students in the school where I work. Hmm the UK has a staggering amount of these stores. Our consensus was that we really should buy less of everything, and always explore the second hand option. I feel an assembly idea germinating. 

This evening my picture is of a handmade collage made by my elder daughter, of Max our German Shepherd cute in his dj and it's clearly him with his floppy ear. I have seen art work dubbed, dogcestors which this is a take on. I love silhouettes and there are two family ones in the hall, but this one is absolutely wonderful and is on display in the sitting room: thank you Kate.  

The second picture is unmistakably Virginia Woolf (oops I just wrote woof) from Luci's birthday card to me. Her hair looks amazing in that chignon. I love the fine grey stripes. Another resolution of mine is to grow my hair for an up do for graduation in the summer - no pressure Patrick. 

Tonight, it's a bit of card writing for friends and family in Europe who I haven't sent my new year's wishes to yet. I tried to find images which would be well received - not easy in the shop in Cheltenham which had a lot of cards with scenes from Provence. 

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