This wallet is winging its way to me to keep my Kindle safe and scratch free. I am trying to read more and browse less and turning pages of magazines is being consigned to Room 101. Digital magazines aren't the same - the pictures are viewed and swiped very quickly and the text, well I tend to skip it altogether. I'm also aware that homes and gardens interest magazines are just not as innovative or to my taste as many blogs I read. Keeping a blog roll which I visit regularly will kick my magazine habit very soon. At the moment on my Kindle I am reading Life of Pi for a mere 20p. We have a copy somewhere but I tidied most of our fiction books into boxes which now reside in Kate's room. I'm liking tidy at the moment too so no more magazine stacks or indeed paperbacks which I hate throwing way until one fine day I just have to make a trip to Oxfam.    

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