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Spring is on its way. These little crocus looked lovely naturalised in the grass by a lych gate in the village. There will be some cyclamen too later according to the heart shaped leaves on the right. 
I had a spring in my step today - a lunchtime swim, two walks with the hound and some thoughts about how much weight I have lost since September when I decided to change my diet. I am grateful to both my fab daughters who have steered us away from old habits which were very heavy on carbs and rich dairy foods. No more. I have lost about 20 pounds without any side effects just by replacing the staples of bread, potatoes, pasta and rice with other vegetables and fruit.  I do have carbs in moderation like yummy crostinis but they are never a significant part of the meal. The reward is being able to reclaim a lost wardrobe of clothes which were too small and being able to work a new look with tapered trousers and short unstructured jackets. And the money I'm saving is going straight into projects which will give me more joy than an expensive dress. It's a lot easier to buy clothes that look good if you have fewer bulges shall we say. Don't get me started on the price hike in top end women's clothes. Seriously, who buys this stuff? 

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