Friday - loving and giving

Every week I look forward to Fridays: lately it's become extra special because David is at home and does a lot of weekend chores and cooks something I like in particular, like tonight's spinach and ricotta cannelloni. Then there's the dog walk - always special on a Friday when all the stresses and strains ebb away because there is no school for two whole days. Today was wet and soggy underfoot but Max and I had fun on the Sheppey which was deserted save for the school children tipping out from the bus at five, ambling home with lots of  prep to do I'm sure. Then there's the planning for the weekend: the meals we're going to cook (Luci always has good ideas), the outings and maybe some left over chores. Patrick is back for the weekend and Kate and Dan are coming over tomorrow afternoon. We will be a full house and I'm looking forward to the convos and the exchange of stories.     

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