I am on to my next read about canine companions. I really enjoyed Steven Kotler's book especially the philosophy bits - Descartes be damned. Woman's best friend is a collection of short stories about writers and and their dogs -  link is here.  
We were out dining with the fam in Cheltenham last night and had a lovely time  - it was good to meet Dan's parents:) 
Today is a day of rest for once and we will be doing a bit of shopping back in Chelers after lunch - it's just too grey to be out in the garden. We had some sun yesterday afternoon. I was actually wearing my sunnies out with Max. Spring is coming I know it. 
Luci was in Paris last week and took a photo of one of my favourite hounds, a saluki or longhaired greyhound (last pic) so to celebrate the love and understanding Max shows us, here are some photos of folks with their dogs. Enjoy.

Virginia Woolf - loving that grey fabric by the way
Evita Peron
Jackie Kennedy 
Jim Morrison  - we still listen to his music
Jennifer Anniston always magical to walk your dog on the beach 
Michelle Obama with Bo
The saluki 


  1. Have you read a Small Furry Prayer? I am almost done and really loved that it was part science book, part history and autobiographical, wonderful read!

  2. Yes I finished it last week. Loved the info on New Mexico and the descriptions of free running with the pack. And made me think about stories of brave canines and see their deeds as totally natural to who they are :)
    Good luck with your move out west. West is always best as we say in the UK.


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