It is still very cold and I am feeling a bit under the weather quite literally.

I need some new glasses and have been researching online. I need three pairs: reading, distance for driving and sunnies. I find this works better for me because it's the reading ones I wear most and I want a pair dedicated for close ups. For some reason I have only just cottoned on to the idea of buying them on line rather than going to have the eye test and then choosing from the range in the shop. The on line experience is fabulous - sorry high street. You can have the frames sent for trying at home or you can use webcam to see yourself in the frames you like the look of. It's quite fun to do. And then there's the choice and the prices. 

For style go to best site here but it's a US site so may be there's a couple of things to iron out like the prescription and delivery time.
or go to this one
This is the wayfarer style I'm after:

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