Lovely flowers from my Kinder. I am delighted my girls have such good taste when it comes to flower buying. Sea holly and creamy yellow gerberas are just tops. Here they are drinking up enough water before I put them in vases but they look spectacular like this so I might just take a few and put them in a small vase for my bedside and leave the rest looking abundant in the zinc bucket.
The second photo of jars of local honey is another of my things. These two are wonderful; a teaspoon to start the day in yoghurt or on some granola or sometimes just on its own is amazing. Actually the production of honey is amazing. It takes six bees to make each teaspoon and I like the idea that it's a wild food connecting us to our ancestors.
The Saltway honey has a nice balance of fragrance and caramel flavour; the link to their website here. I recommend.

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