Plans for the summer house are coming on. We went to Ledbury today to buy the outdoor light in the photo which is kinda part of the build so necessary but I like the accessories I've found on line, a lot. The painted linen storage is friendly in price but I wonder how difficult it would be to make and dye some myself  - I do have lots of old linen after all. The cushions are from Ikea and can be painted, or coloured in using marker pens for fabric. Or ... and my enthusiasm is brimming now I could embroider one or two motifs like the fruit and flowers.  
I am knitting a phone sleeve today too. My contract phone is due to be upgraded shortly and I am gifting my old iPhone to Luci (according to our last conversation). 
Tomorrow is looking busy too: Easter egg hunt at Max's dog training club, lunch with K&D and a catch up in the evening with (St) Patrick, and with Luci and David who are off to see George in London earlier in the day.

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