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The last bit of carpet in the house has gone and the the flooring flows seamlessly from one room to the next upstairs at long last. We were unsure about the stairs so have painted them and we like. The dried flowers on the half landing are actually a deterrent for Max - he hates them and will not venture upstairs if he has to pass them. 
Our next mini project is the wing chair which needs reupholstery. I would so recommend Painswick fabrics  - link is below - for discounted and beautiful fabrics. I think we will choose the grey velvet after all. But first I need to strip the legs with nasty nitromors and refinish with stain and wax probably. Nothing orangey - yuk. This weekend maybe but the fam is coming on Sunday and Patrick will be here for the first time since new year. That'll be a no then. Now if I was retired I'd have time to do it all. I have to stop thinking about retirement though it makes me lazy. 

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