May morning tomorrow - always lovely and it reminds me of my teaching days in Oxford when the students came in late to school after their revelling the night before. The garden is full of blossom and green leaves and I took these photos on my walk in the orchards late this afternoon. The trees are plums and the the last shot is of wild plum blossom in the hedgerow which will produce sloes in September. I am warm and comfortable writing and fiddling with picture frames in the summer house.  
The academic year is a bit further forward and we are hurtling to the end with exams and goodbyes to think about and plan for. This week and last I have been struck by how stress lines are showing everywhere. Young people have a tough time this month, parents too. I am thinking about Patrick studying for his finals, worrying about what I can do to encourage him and keep him working hard for just two more weeks. Of course it's not about me but his judgement call and I know he is serious and engaged. Maybe we need to admit to our own cups of crazy a bit more. I watched a good film at the weekend which I am linking to here: Silver Linings Playbook is a light hearted look at mental health issues with some pearls of wisdom I really liked. I thought the parents were quite like us except that we don't bet; laugh out loud needed here.

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