old but new

Reclamation yards are great places to visit even if you don't have a project in mind but when you do they're proper exciting. I have decided on the interior of the summer house now and I'm going for upcycled old stuff. First off is a table made from scaffold boards and a set of hair pin legs. This place in Moreton on Marsh in the Cotswolds is particularly good for reclaimed wood: www.coxsarchitectural.co.uk. I also like this one www.winchcombereclamation.co.uk which is even nearer to us; the yard in Worcester is basic and there isn't much service but if you want to take, pay and go it's unbeatable on price. I've pasted some photos but my table isn't ready yet - legs have to arrive in the post and the boards will be planed and sanded ready for collection next weekend. Today, David has been stripping the wing chair legs to move that project on a bit. 
I've been out in the garden tidying up and admiring the concrete base ready for Wednesday - hopefully. The young 'uns have all gone out to lunch but will be back in a while. Max has been groomed and is having a nice sleep. Time for a peppermint tea. Lovely holiday time. 

From the Gudrun Sjoden catalogue 
From A Beautiful Mess blog - link is on sidebar
From a great blog called Smile and Wave - link is on sidebar

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