My summer house is up and very nearly finished. I am super excited about the space - it's fab. The project is definitely taking the edge off the start of a new term at school - not so painful really but the goodbyes to the children as they leave for a new week or month, always make me feel a bit sad. The next time I see Patrick he will have finished at Leeds uni for good. This evening I miss him a lot. 
I've uploaded a few photos of summer house related things: the electrics have yet to be done and there's no furniture in there yet. I think it'll be a week or so before I take up residence on sunny afternoons (I hope) but often looking forward to something is joyful in itself, don't you think?  


  1. I have to say I am quite jealous of this. I wonder if Max will assign himself the man of the house role.

  2. Actually he's a bit scared to be inside lol. He sits right outside the doors on guard though. Thank you for joining my blog. I hope to meet you next time you come to see Kate in Cheltenham :))))


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