Living in Heidi

It has only just stopped raining at 7pm in the Cotswolds which has inspired a little musing on my taste for all things alpine. It rains a lot on the plateau and in the mountains, perhaps not the drizzle or light rain I am used to now but a lot of storms and downpours even in the summer. The lush green look can only be achieved with high rainfall. I took some photos of wild flowers today: daisies which are tightly shut and buttercups and a dandelion coping well and determined to carry on. 
I am collecting visual stuff for a more authentic take on chalet chic for the summer house and the main house too. The cow bell I bought when I was fifteen - in year 10 as we say now, visiting my grandparents in Fribourg. It now sits on a shelf in the kitchen with our serving dishes. The two photos of interiors are similar as they are different. The family photo was taken just after the war in the family home and the colour photo is from Heidi's house in Maienfeld in German speaking Switzerland - an interior to show Heidi's home some fifty years earlier.  Note the chairs and the stove and my uncle's reindeer embroidered sweater. I do love the bare wood; unplaned split logs look lovely and I'm sure we paint wood a bit too much these days.  
The birch tree is a must along with wild flowers for the alpine chalet look. Not all the trees in this part of the world are pines, firs or spruces. This year old silver birch will be planted near the summer house. 
The summer house is very very near completion. A panel now conceals the armoured power cables and the debris has all been cleared to allow the grass back. 
My musing has sent me on a search for Heidi books and I have uncovered revelations about Spyri, the translations and the illustrations which I was blissfully unaware of aged seven when I read them myself in English.  More next time ...

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