Lots of ideas are turning in my head at the moment and I'm trying to corral them and achieve a clear plan for next week when it's half term. 
  • I'd like to do a post about chalet chic style or living in Heidi by Johanna Spyri
  • I want to bake something challenging 
  • I want to add a detail to the summer house interior - string lights or floating shelf or ...
  • I want to plant some wild flowers using plug plants 
  • I am going to shop for some summer wardrobe items
  • I am going to have my hair put up in a salon
  • I want to take some photos to create something from here - I saw a fab gypsy caravan on the way home from school today
I will be away in Manchester over the weekend so the shopping will happen first I guess. I am working on Sunday and Monday but it's not a chore because I enjoy the meetings and love being in a city for a short while - not so keen on the train journey or the hotel air con. 

I will post again on Tuesday. Let's all have a lovely bank holiday weekend :)))  

Max will miss me

Cotswold valley

This was the cover I remember 

proper Manchester cobbles

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