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The sun was out for a while this evening and I enjoyed extra time to myself as our staff meeting was cancelled (because we'd all done so well when the inspectors called last week).

This is my work table where a few things are collecting, waiting to be repurposed, mended or both. The card from Cali has been framed now and is back in the main house.

The sweets jar is plastic but in the traditional shape. I really like these for storage and you can get them for a charity donation locally.

The wooden fruit stand is pretty old and I would say hand carved. It has a music tumbler in the base that needs looking at. If it's just the spring that needs replacing I can do it but if the whole thing needs to be restored I will wait and just use it for bits and bobs. I wonder what tune it plays.

I have an old French poster that I will frame too. It's A2 in size and I picked it up in a pharmacie in the 80s. My photo shows a selection of deadly mushrooms (champignons mortels) pickers should leave well alone. The marks on the background are from the raindrops on the window pane, the paper is actually in quite good condition. I think it will fit in the woodland setting of the SH.

Lastly I have some old books about Canada which I have been flicking through in anticipation of our summer adventure.

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