lovely white

White is perfect. I took this photo of a guelder rose in our hedgerow on Max's teatime walk this evening. The green is looking very lush after yesterday's rain. White is great for writing on black I think - it must be the old school teacher in me. The two house plaques on slate look both modern and vintage. This month's bucket list had to wait till the glass pen arrived so it has spilled over into July. I wanted to display some reminders of fun things to do when my exam marking has finished. I'm on the last bit of sampling now so I should be clear by the middle of the week. I thought we'd play with a few camera lenses this weekend to see if the photos are appreciably different from the ones I usually take.
Patrick has just reminded me to teach him to knit and crochet so he can make a poncho - yep just like that. We can make a start for sure. 

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