Manchester and Heidi?

Quite hard to link the two except in a commentary on artists' impressions - the definitive town hall building to rival London's Big Ben and a cartoon of a Mancunian with a knotted handkerchief on his head, a beer belly and two pigeons - typical motifs for a northerner I guess. 
And then the 1950s illustrations by the American Pelagie Doane working with the translation of Spyri's Heidi. These are the ones I remember and loved. The character is transformed from her earlier guise as a skinny, wilful child with dark hair and eyes into a golden cherub. This is one of three colour 'plates' as they were called and the illustrator wanted them to stand out from the line drawings: Heidi's lips, and candy striped skirt, Geissenpeter's blue lederhosen are fanciful perhaps. But the fifties were all about creating beauty to replace the drab and dreary browns and greys. Many life lessons simply told in Heidi are about nature and its restorative power. The wild flowers and the mountains are obvious motifs and I am drawn to both. 
The herb robert beneath our beech hedge is doing well and I am collecting more species to create a wild flower margin under the long continuous hedge which we have tidied up since the summer house was built. I found a lovely pink bladder campion which I have plugged in a suitable gap.

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