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We've had quite a full week at home and work: Hamlet at the Swan Theatre in Stratford was brilliant and I am still thinking about the performance now. The seats in the auditorium are named - mine was Dame Peggy Ashcroft, a famous actress from the last generation but the seats in front were dedicated to Shakespeare's dogs as you can see. I was hoping young Hamlet would have a canine companion on stage to help him with his trauma but he didn't. 
Yesterday we went to Cheltenham to buy a graduation suit for Patrick. Being very tall with broad shoulders we were lucky to find such a beautiful fit with only the sleeves needing lengthening; I hope it serves him for a good few years. 
Once we were done at Cav House I went to a shop I haven't visited for a very long time. It is now a tea room but the curios and textile treasures are all bundled into the basement and upper floors waiting to be found by the right person. It would take a few hours of sorting through but I'm sure there is some lovely stuff here. I liked the wooden frame of Grey Owl (maybe) in his canoe with paddles, and the Dutch clogs and the Turkish towel made up into a cushion. The shop is in Well Walk in the centre of town and there's plenty for everyone so if you're passing and have had enough of the high street you can embrace the treasure or trash conundrum instead.

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