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Patrick is reading East of Eden at the moment which on this very warm day got me thinking about Steinbeck's remark about a good climate being boring.  Living in England is about weather which changes every two or three days but it seems we are going to have a fortnight at least of sunshine and high temps so it's beginning to sound like climate to me and it's a real treat. 
Yesterday I was in Bristol for a bit of retail therapy. I found a great dress for P's graduation on Wednesday and another smart caj one for Canada in August. I am super excited and the turn into July with the end of term in sight is really doing it for me. The maxi dress is in a fine  jersey but it has a silk bodice panel which gives it a luxe look and feel. The thinner version of me was both an advantage and disadvantage: there are fewer size 12 / 14 items in the sales but I have a much better choice of styles and don't need to obsess about does my bum look big in this? anymore. I can now consider colour, formality and look above all. 
This morning I walked Max at 6.30 - it was already warm but he was OK. Then it was a swim and a return to base by 9.30. I've slowed down since and just pottered really. David has been in London this weekend caring for George so I've been doing a few things in the house so he hasn't got a long list of chores to get through tomorrow. 
I have one more thing I'd like to do  - give Max a bath! It'll be today or tomorrow and the photos will make you laugh. This evening will be a nice read in the summer house with a glass of Pimm's.

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