stone islands

 David laid these for me on Friday even though it was hot and the stones are heavy. They are floor sculptures (not stepping stones) which greet you unexpectedly as you walk to the bottom of the garden and glance at a woodland area behind the summer house.  The spots are light beams filtering through the canopy of the walnut tree. My quest to create a garden without plants continues - the structure of trees and hedges can be enhanced with features rather than herbaceous flowers; lower maintenance is my aim so I can pursue other interests. I am very happy with the way the islands look in my modest outdoor space. And then there's the fab box which I think could be upcycled into an all weather store for logs or garden tools.
The supplier is organicstone, a company I recommend not least for its wonderful service as well as eco credentials which are second to none. Do have a look at the inspirational website here and give them a ring.

Aw Max who is not himself when the mercury rises. He isn't generally keen on water but will put up with a dousing on very hot days. He enjoys the odd ice cube too, cracking and licking a single piece until it melts in his crocodile mouth.

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