getting there first

It's the first of December and we are scurrying at least in our heads if not physically. Today we went to a special farm shop and did
the ideas are free thing though I did find a wonderfully scented bergamot candle and some cool woodland wrapping paper. Otherwise shopping is an on line activity for me which is much better than pegging it round various high streets but it isn't perfect. I'm still waiting for presents from etsy and a few far flung places which I ordered weeks ago.  I guess we like more adventurous stuff now and turn our noses up at the ordinary. I'm not sure that's a good thing but I am looking forward to getting these from The last pic is of a chocolate pannetone which should be easy to make especially as I'm into baking with fresh yeast at the moment. We have a few new things this Christmas and I'll show y'all au fur et à mesure.

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