She sweeps with many colored brooms - well these aren't the colours in the poem but the brooms are hand made and beautiful just the same. The photos are from a maker's studio on Granville Island in Vancouver and I think the small ones would look great on a Christmas brunch table to clear the crumbs; not difficult to achieve and could even be a party game at the end of term. If you don't have any broom (genista) in your garden you could improvise with birch and some straw.   
This year I'm eschewing the white tablecloth and napkins on Christmas day in favour of a tablescape: presents, decorations, and activities will share the table with the serving dishes. We have planned a brunch along these lines so that we can eat Christmas dinner by candlelight a bit later. I'll show you some of the ideas this week. I have put a few images from Design Sponge on my inspiration page on the right >>>>>>>>>> 
It's the last week of term and we will be busy in the evenings getting the less than glamorous things done so we can all have a week off to enjoy our mid winter feasting - hence the brooms for cleaning up. 

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