La Cornouailles

Like Little Grey Rabbit and friends we took in the sea air after Christmas - especially welcome as I came down with a horrible cold after Boxing Day. The soft air and spa experience helped a lot but I have a hacking cough still :(  I had a lovely birthday with many many treats from all the family.

Since our return we have been relaxing and doing a bit of tidying: the decorations are back in their boxes as is the wooden tree. We have been savouring all kinds of coffee using different methods. I haven't made filter coffee for some years but was inspired by these coffee guys in California to try again. Grinding coffee by hand is well worth it too. 

I loved this plum trilogy we savoured chez M. Stein - the pannacotta is made with almond milk and the cream is more froyo than full fat ice cream with eggs - delicious and will be a winner when we have more plums than we know what to do with later in the year. 

The last photo is of Patrick's first practice piece. He's a fast learner and did this pretty much straightaway - nice reminder about the need to practise before you can be good at anything. He's back in the land of tulips, pancakes and hoppy beer now and we miss him. Thank goodness for FaceTime and his promise for a return visit at Easter. 

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