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This week has been about catching up with myself. I am learning to let go of the to do list and enjoy the way the day can pan out because of things outside my control like sunshine, a conversation which spawns an idea or a recipe I adapt to use an ingredient I haven't used much before. I have had a productive week and feel much better. I am convinced my retirement at the end of 2014 is the right decision. I can't help smiling inside.

Yesterday we went to see some amazing sculptures: Rodin and Moore exhibited together at Compton Verney near Stratford upon Avon. The first pics are of one of the wardrobes which I thought were magical concealing a space which I could imagine in many different guises. I have posted an image of a reading nook in the inspiration page. How lovely for a bedroom.
I loved the sculptures in an outdoor setting and the curator's work to bring these two gods of sculpture together in order to further our understanding of each, is fabulous.

Today I shall be knitting and gardening and then out to eat with the fam in Cheltenham. This afternoon David and Luci are going to a launch event at St Paul's Gallery in Birmingham: Masters of Album Cover Art. Luci is doing the interview!

This piece is displayed for comparison with Rodin's Burghers of Calais 

My favourite is the girl with the stone  - pessimism in human form, but she is so beautiful

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