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A little sun and we fling open the backdoors and go blue zone aka mediterranean. Luci baked and cooked for us today and her baklava was amazing - lovely plums, almonds and lavender flowers in filo pastry. David and I are making a start on a new herb garden  - we've had them before but this time we're siting our herboretum just outside the kitchen door. It's not so very sunny there but some of the herbs are leafy and will tolerate partial shade. I have had a restorative weekend which was much needed after a horrible parents' evening at school on Thursday. What gives parents the right to vent their frustrations with their children on the class teacher? There is no excuse for rudeness but sadly I had to listen without personal comment. It doesn't go like this often but after decades in the job I just can't believe how badly some people behave. Kate and Dan came to share the feast with us today and I was able to off load some more and I think we're done, we're moving on, we're strong.

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