Many of us find list writing helpful but I've always found it a bit of a chore and obviously prescriptive. Can lists ever be liberating? Well on Friday evening I jotted down a few things I had in mind for the weekend and it did add focus. Some of the things we did and some are left for another time; Kate and Dan came for the weekend which was lovely too. I spent a lot of time out in the garden which has been pared down maintenance - wise but I still potter with little bits of weeding and primping. Best of all is the sky so blue and white for mid March. 

I was so happy to FaceTime with Patrick which we do every weekend. I miss him terribly and St Patrick's day tomorrow saddens me because we always used to laugh at his 'day' rather than the Irish version. Still the white tulips from Amsterdam are coming on as you can see and I am looking forward to the flowers by which time he will be just a couple of weeks or so from a home visit. 
Tomorrow sees David and I at the Rep in Birmingham to see Birdsong which I'll tell you about next time. 

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