We were in Bristol this weekend enjoying the sunshine in the city for a change, had lunch in a Jamaican resto which was good and definitely worth a second visit to try out something a bit more adventurous - we had the jerk chicken. It's a small place called Rice and Things and is a stone's throw from Kate's student house in second year. I would recommend provided you like an authentic diner style experience; the staff were friendly and the place is spotless. I loved the sorrel wine which is like a berry red drink with a spicy kick just right for lunchtime. We then ambled down to the M Shed for a looksy. I love different kinds of museums and exhibitions. 
When I have a bit of extra time I start making more plans for next year when I leave teaching for good. I might have a go at bee keeping and got chatting with a neighbour at our village walkabout which is an annual event when visitors from far and wide come to enjoy the gardens and events. I was encouraged to see just one hive in a small area - I hadn't considered having my own hive until now. I've got to consider lovely Max though so my research continues.  

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