cornflowers in my kitchen

I grew these from an ordinary packet of seed; they are not a remarkable variety just the common blue centaurea cyanus. This time though I sowed the seed on multipurpose compost in a raised bed. The flowers are wonderful: tall and strong with good colour as you can see. Cornflowers have a special place in our family; they were David's school flower - the boys wore cornflower buttonholes on Founder's Day, I made an arrangement of cornflowers in a basket to celebrate the work of Elizabeth Fry at Crowmarsh Church Flower festival - I remember Kate (aged 8) wrote the information card which was displayed alongside it - and we had them for Luci's crown when she was May Queen in her last year at Elmley Castle First School. Here they are in my favourite vase behind the kitchen sink. There are many more in the flowerbed and I cannot think of a better example of how something ordinary can become so delightfully extraordinary.     

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