Here she is my Guernsey wrap; I used Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran and the feel of the wrap is very soft and springy. I know I started her before Christmas but I am such a butterfly flitting from one project to another and fitting in the small enterprise that is work and my priority which is the family. I enjoyed the making, even took needles and yarn to Manchester over half term. I was inspired by the scarves from Nepal I saw in Sukha in Amsterdam and found a 
pattern on line, (Guernsey wrap by Jared Flood) which I adapted slightly. I also used a much softer yarn than is suggested. 

Once I finish my exam script marking in a week or so I will start thinking about my next pieces. I want to do socks for everyone; I need to get the right pattern and most importantly a luxe yarn that can be machine washed with other items because the young' uns aren't so very careful with their laundry. But then I still have to finish the reclaimed floor in the summer house …

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