counting the ways

My gardening style relies on containers and making the most of the the open setting we are blessed with. Pots from Whichford pottery last a very long time  - I've  had a few for over twenty years and today I bought a new one which I might add to depending on whether tulip fever takes a hold over me in the autumn. The pottery shows off some fabulous planting as you can see and I guess I've picked up a few tips over the years. Our agapanthus grows very well in the half barrel by the conservatory and the blue lily type flowers are the same cornflower blue I like so much. The shopper planted with herbs looks good but then I do have a herb garden just outside the back door so maybe that just an idea to share. The urn is planted up with tiny tomatoes and scented pelargoniums - not chez moi but I might go for something similar next year when the tulips are over. I love a rustic aesthetic - natural materials, pared-down, mixing old with new. 
I am happy with my staycation plans this August. Luci is home after her trip to Malaysia with Kate and Dan and we are re-doing a couple of bedrooms with the help of Andy the builder. David and Patrick are trekking the lesser Himalayas and searching out Indian textile treasures for us. Somehow I don't think the cloth will be a priority. 
Patrick will be home tomorrow so I will see him for a whole week before they set off. I am very much looking forward to seeing him; Face Time is good but not the same as sharing stories, music, meals and shopping - just spending time together. So, live first then blog is my motto and I'm off to the summer house with Max for a little yarn time. 

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