les pattes

Every now and then I have a love textiles moment and an emotional tug towards la Suisse Romande a heritage which was, shall we say underplayed when I was growing up, but not usually at the same time. My grandfather born in 1899 used to say les femmes aiment les pattes, the word pattes meaning cloth not paws. And I do love textiles. Below are some photos of an Indian patchwork quilt with kantha stitching which David brought back from Amsterdam. The fabric feels like silk but could be a silk rayon mix and the pattern is woven not printed. It's light and reversible and just exquisite. I also love the needlepoint my mum used to do; the little red Americana cushion is in the summer house and the Victorian sisters were chosen to echo her granddaughters, one blonde and one dark. My absolute favourite thing is to turn down the bed made up with French linen sheets and soft squidgy pillows with a firm bolster for comfortable reading time before sleep. 

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