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The weekend has been calm and restorative. Someone else cooked Sunday lunch at a favourite haunt of ours in Bourton on the Hill and I made a white loaf for tea time. I used locally milled flour and a proving banneton for the first time; the dough is quite soft. The recipe is from Hobbs House Bakery. I'll do different slashes next time but the bread is good and I am pleased with texture and taste. 
Otherwise David and I have been talking about the finer points of our summer adventures. He and Patrick are trekking in Kashmir in Northern India which will be an amazing adventure for them both. Patrick is coming home for a week to pack his kit bag and for group hugs. He has been working hard at the hotel now his internship has ended. I won't be on my own though as the sisters will be back from Malaysia by then; they are swimming with turtles today. 
Next week then is our last week of school. I am leaving a little earlier to go to Manchester to work for the exam board looking at scripts which need to be remarked. I enjoy the company of the team most of all and the work isn't onerous compared to classroom teaching and there's the city to enjoy each evening. I have plans! David isn't joining me this year for various reasons so I will put in four or five days rather than the full week because home is where the heart is.  
I will share my ideas about what I am doing in August next time. 

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