life laundry

is a well known term I know and it fits perfectly with what we've been up to recently. I have had a mega sort out of stuff from the bedrooms which have been decorated this month. The largest are finished apart from the 'dressing' bit which may involve buying some new pieces when I finally decide on style and colour. The smaller two just need a bit more painting work on the walls and woodwork which we will do this autumn. We have emptied all the wardrobes and sorted tons of stuff. I can't boast that I have reduced the piles of books, clothes and memorabilia to zero but we have got rid of a lot of recently hoarded things which I keep because I'm too busy during the year to make the right decision and throw things out regularly. Our professional help was with us for two weeks so there was a lot of clearing up to do after the plasterer especially. I am only now coming to the end of laundering all the linens. We wanted to get as much done whilst David and Patrick were in India; Luci helped so much, I really couldn't have done it without her. When the boys came home at the weekend they were impressed.

I have now moved down a few gears and am pottering. We had a lovely catch up over the bank holiday and the trekking tales were awesome as are the photos and the the textiles cache from Dehli and Jaipur they brought back for my delectation. Patrick is now back in Amsterdam working at the hotel and preparing to start his masters course next week. David is still a bit tired but we are feeding him well. Thought I would share just a few pics from the trek; the highest point was 18,000 ft.


  1. This looks like the experience of a lifetime , so wonderful!

  2. It certainly was and we are proud of their achievement - it was hard but they made it. Looking forward to seeing you next week:) J


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