the country

Whilst David and Patrick are living at an altitude of 5000 metres my thoughts have been all over the place. The altitude is an issue and both are suffering on their acclimatisation days in Leh.  Hopefully they will feel better before the trek starts tomorrow. I'm sure making friends with the mules will help. The highest I've ever been is about 3500 metres in my native Switzerland and that was a challenge for just one day. My memories of La Suisse Romande are much more akin to the photo I found on the web, (I had looked in the family archive but the photos are rarely of landscape and panorama). This lesser alpine landscape is my preference and probably the reason I have aspired to be a country mouse: it's the openness and the evidence of humans as small and less significant that speak to me. Where I live in the North Cotswolds there isn't any wilderness left, the land has been put to work for our food. But the sky is still big and the uninterrupted views of Bredon Hill every day make me calm and content. Leh is probably best described as Tibet meets outer Mongolia according to the boys. I hope to hear from them again today. 

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