not quite finished

 I admit that finishing anything is a challenge for me. I change my mind like the wind and like to see things evolve and develop a life of their own. This then is the nearly completed bedroom. There are bedside tables to come and more fabric in the way of cushions and a lampshade in an old toile to add (the blue hedgerow design will look better in the sitting room). I decided in the end to go with cherry red to complement the palest of greys to give a modern country look. The globe bulb is nicer than it looks in the photo and the shade I had sourced was one of the first things to go back to the shop. I like the panelling and the shutters which make the room calm and restful; it's a lovely place to retire to at the end of the day because it's just the opposite of busy, I just need to add a bit more texture.

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