weekend loves

We were in Cheltenham this weekend and I popped into an antique textiles shop and came out with this green trellis fabric which I hope will make a nice table runner for family feasting. I washed it at a high temperature and all the storage marks have gone. It's a remnant so unused and there's very little work to do on it sewing wise. I was also taken by this paper sculpture of a corset at the Wilson Gallery using the actual paper pattern, a few eyelets and ribbon. I think it would look lovely in my bedroom … maybe.  I have also been tidying up and have sorted out some of my working cookery books (I have others I just read for fun in the summer house). I've arranged them in this crate near the doorway to the kitchen. My latest acquisition is Diana Kennedy's Mexican cookbook which I was lucky to find as it is out of print now. Next weekend we will make her mole poblano  - Luci will advise me I hope.  This morning I made two loaves of saffron bread called cuchaule in the canton of Fribourg where harvest is called la bénichon and is a huge celebration of the short growing season. I would like to make a version of vin cuit to go with it but it's a faff and I don't have ready made ingredients like pear syrup so it's creamy butter and honey instead. 

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