3 good things

I have a very cool colleague who is a writer and modern fiction guru. She regularly posts 3 good things about her day and I found myself recommending this technique to one of my students who needed a few tips to surface and breathe again. I think we could all do with a little focus on positives every day so am taking up the challenge myself. Blog posts then will include 3 good things of the day. Today's offering is here. 
  1. Put my new postcard journal cum notebook in my bag so I can jot down ideas and thoughts for October, the visit to Switzerland, birthdays and Christmas. I read the one made from postcards I bought in Amsterdam last October and feel very glad to be weekending with Patrick and Luci again at this time.
  2. Made a good pea and ham soup with some left over baked ham.
  3. Packed a birthday bounty box for Patrick with fun presents for a 23 year old. 
Now I come to think of it there are many more good things I could list which is part of the trick. One of the postcards from a older notebook came from the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford which has inspired us as a family to learn about people's lives through their art. I love First Nations art and have two original prints of a bear and of a frog; they are like old friends beaming at me as I make tea in the morning. 

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