Mon Fribourg

This school holiday saw us in la Suisse romande, in Fribourg the city of my mother's family. I remembered it well from visits when I was a child growing up in London and visiting each summer. We spent most of our time in the medieval city - la basse ville which was considered less than chic back then. I took a photo of the Rue d'Or because my maternal grandmother Caroline was born there at the turn of the 20th century. Today the old city is largely unrestored and has an arty, retro vibe which we liked very much. It also has a more alpine look along the drovers' paths to the next villages. With fresh eyes I would say the city is unspoilt, friendly and has a lot of potential for visitors who enjoy history and culture. 
We also went to Gruyères where the facades are restored and picture perfect. We loved the castle there which is stuck in its heyday of around 1400 give or take a few decades and has not been altered since. Best of all was the time we spent together though and it was fabulous feeling the Patrick love again. Food will always be a priority for him and we had fun at the Café du Midi with our moitié-moitié fondue. Luci has some more photos so I'll have a good choice for my December collage.
We are planning our halloween supper at the moment but won't be doing pumpkin soup as per the poster I photographed. I'll show you our Mexican inspired dishes in my next post. David and I have spent today planning ghoulish games - we were banished to the summer house with Max to allow the plasterers to get on with our ceilings. 

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  1. Ça sera pour la prochaine fois verO. Je te demanderai vos conseils s'il te plaît. Cette fois la visite était courte. On a bu du vin blanc de Vully!


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