birthday girlie

It was Luci's birthday yesterday and we were together for the weekend again. The youngun's went horse riding in the afternoon and we feasted in the evening, rather late as the hams took their time. I made crêpes Suzette rather than a birthday cake and they were good. I made the pancakes as dentelées or thin and lacy as I could and folded them in four according to tradition. The orange sauce is a reduction made with sugar, butter and orange juice saving the Grand Marnier for the flambé. Thanks Dan for taking the photos.
Today saw progress with getting a new and improved version of home. The dining room is restored and other rooms are very nearly finished. I have an idea for illuminating the dresser with LED lights on a strip now I have taken the pea lights down and put them in the summer house.  I like to get the December decorations done early because Christmas is a month's worth of rejoicing with an anniversary, a birthday, homecomings and this year, my retirement to celebrate. Next weekend the decs are coming out of their boxes and I'll decide what's in this year.

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