coming together

I haven't posted for a while - clearing up after the builders has taken more time than I thought but we are just one more quick visit to go and then we're done. Hurrah. 

I've tried to get ahead with choosing gifts for the fam along with a bit of menu planning and special orders like the champagne. I haven't tasted before buying this new Taittinger but I like the story of the woman who has set up her own business to rival her old family company - this bubbly has to be good. 
Now we have wonderfully smooth white ceilings everywhere I am starting to dress the walls with garlands. The hearts attached to white lace ribbon are for the bedroom where I've also put an arrangement of coloured kerria stems in a favourite vase. I've also made a new wild wreath from honeysuckle stems which are great for twisting and bending as is the plentiful supply of birch branches. A new idea is the moss which I am tending lovingly to get it as green and springy as I can. (I water it daily and will give it a nitrogen rich feed at least once.) There's a bit more foraging to do (different moss?) before the arrangements are ready to come in but I'm glad I've started early. I may use some bulbs but otherwise the arrangements will comprise native greenery with twigs, seed heads and turning leaves. I once spent a fortune on Christmas flowers and couldn't wait to take them down because they looked so garish and unnatural. I've learnt. 

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