Día De Los Muertos

Amidst the renovating mess we had a small family Halloween party with more than a nod to the day of the dead traditions from Mexico. The meal was Mexican inspired with a beef chilli, guacamole, patatas bravas with aioli, a fiery salsa, tortillas and a salad based on a recipe in Mrs Kennedy's lovely book. My favourite game was the fortune telling cards played with an ordinary pack laid face down and sprinkled with salt for magical properties. We all made heartwarming wishes for each other and turned over the card we felt drawn to: hearts for yes, spades for no, clubs for don't know and diamonds for maybe. Kate liked the ghoulish guess who game: sprite's kidney, chip of vampire's tooth, old hag's hair, puritan's ear, ghoul's intestines, witch's tongue, banshee's bone marrow, all created from the larder cupboard and hidden under a dust sheet.  I think we had about eight different games which filled our evening with laughter and love. 
Today we are hiking in the Cotswolds with Max and recreating la fondue fribourgeoise for dinner tonight. I am happy we are into November and looking forward to dressing the house for winter celebrations. 

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